Agrotorg’s product portfolio includes chickens and broiler chicken meat.

The temperature of frozen meat does not exceed -18 ° C. The average weight of a chicken carcass in semi-gutted form is 450-480g.

The weight of an adult bird ranges from 900g to 2.5 kg

Conducted strict control of the content of toxic trace elements in meat. Such substances as: aflatoxin B1, antibiotics, hormones, nitrosamines and pesticides are normalized in accordance with the established procedure.

The average volume of deliveries per year is 150000t.

All products have certificates of quality, as well as a certificate of "HALAL".

Agrotorg supplies quality chicken meat, both fresh and frozen.

In addition to Ukraine, we have customers in Asia and Europe.

"Agrotorg" is one of the largest agricultural firms in Ukraine, which specializes in the production of chicken eggs and various dry egg products.