Today, the agro-industrial complex is the most promising in our country. Therefore, this direction of the economy is put into priority. Our country exports crops all over the world and occupies a leading position among competitors. The demand for domestic wheat is growing every day. The decisive role was played by mineral fertilizers and urea-ammonia mixtures (UAM), which are delivered to any region of our country. Leading traders with common forces create a whole network of complexes, on the basis of which mineral fertilizers are packaged, and they are delivered to the bases by rail in bulk. In order for fertilizers to reach the consumer safely and securely, they need to be packed in safe and convenient packaging. Traditionally, such containers are Big-Bag containers, the maximum volume of which can be up to 2000 liters and polypropylene bags up to 50 kg. Urea-ammonia mixtures are stored and transported in containers of 100-200l. The premises in which the packaging of fertilizers takes place are equipped with special technological equipment. Agrotorg has been one of the leaders in the supply of such equipment in our country for several years. The specialized equipment includes: car bunkers, elevators, discharge conveyors, dispensers for filling machines, as well as warehouses of prepacked products.

The firm "Agrotorg" offers the wholesale  of mineral fertilizers,