Export / sale of honey in bulk from Ukraine

Honey is a sweet and healthy product that bees produce.

Honey consists of partially processed nectar, water, mineral salts, glucose, levulose, and other valuable substances. Honey has a high energy value.

Honey has therapeutic value - it serves as a natural antibiotic from the bee's body in combination with pollen and nectar of flowers. There are many types of honey, each type has certain healing properties.

Light honey varieties are more often used in the treatment of children. It is very quickly absorbed in the body.

Dark honey is used more often for the treatment of chronic diseases. It contains many beneficial trace elements and minerals.

Agrotorg exports the following varieties of honey:

  • Meadow honey;
  • Acacia honey;
  • Buckwheat honey
  • Linden honey.

All types of honey are certified according to international standards.