Corn grain exports from Ukraine

Corn is one of the most popular crops, it is universal in use and always gives a good harvest.

In Ukraine, corn is used primarily as animal feed. For poultry and animals, corn is a valuable nutritious food: 1 kg of corn is 1.35 units of feed, with a content of 70 grams of protein.

Corn is a universal food crop. Flour, cereal, flakes and other foodstuffs are produced from the grains. Heads and grains are brought to ripeness and canned or eaten boiled.

Corn oil has very beneficial properties, and also has a pleasant unusual taste. Alcohol, starch, and glucose are also produced from corn grain. Paper, glue and paint are produced from the peel and the stems.

All products are high quality and absolutely safe, which is confirmed by certificates that meet international standards - ISO 22000: 2005.