Agrotorg offers customers favorable conditions for the purchase of soybean and sunflower oil, with the condition of CPT, FOB, CIF, loading and transportation in flexi-tanks is possible.

Agrotorg sells flour of all grades, including the highest. And also sugar, in bags weighing 25-30kg.

All products of our company are protected by quality certificates and meet international standards.

Plant-based or non-dairy milk alternative is the fast growing segment in newer food product development category

Agrotorg is true to its local region and has the capacity to innovate and internationalise:

The company Agrotorg ranks first in the export of vegetable oil in our country.

Agrotorg provides flour of any grade at competitive prices, as well as bran in granules.

Agrotorg exports sugar to countries like the UAE, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, and Iraq.

Honey is a sweet and healthy product that bees produce.